People Are Using Political Emoji Signs As A New Way To Protest (Photos)


During the People's Climate March in London on March 7, protesters held signs adorned with emoji to protest our current environmental policies.

But these weren't just your typical Apple emoji: The colorful icons they proudly waved about were designer Naresh Ramchandani's, politically -- and environmentally -- themed Earthmojis, which he designed in honor of the liberal protest.

Among the Pentagram designer's Earth-positive symbols were bulldozers, trees, recycling symbols, animals and cars superimposed with red Xs.

Many of the protesters held signs plastered with several of these Earthmojis to communicate a bigger message — some positive and some negative.

Ramchandani said,

The negative placards outline the problems we are facing, whilst the positive showed simple ways to live a greener life. This balance is essential because so often climate change discourse is too apocalyptic and demotivating.

Pentagram, a UK-based design firm, is working on making the designer's Earthmojis available for download on its website.

In the meantime, check them out here.

Ramchandani designed several Earthmojis for the protest.

Our #Earthmojis are ready and raring to be downloaded - emojis for the environment @designtaxi — Do The Green Thing (@Dothegreenthing) April 14, 2015

Protesters carried signs with the earth-friendly symbols during the Climate March in London last month.

Hermosas pancartas contra el cambio climático hechas con emojis --> #Earthmojis — Reciclario (@reciclario_ar) March 27, 2015

Paper + Recycle + Happy Face = Recycling Rocks!

These guys make faces out of emojis We created #Earthmojis — Do The Green Thing (@Dothegreenthing) March 18, 2015

No Car + Bike + Praise Hands = Bikes > Cars

RT @pentagram: "#earthmojis, global protest placards by Naresh Ramchandani &team" cc @nilesism — Johanna S.S Bassetti (@jokudasai) March 10, 2015

Here's to making a difference.

Casual spotting of our #earthmojis at yesterday's #TimetoAct2015 march

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