People Sing Songs Of Love To Drown Out A Hateful Homophobic Preacher (Video)

When a homophobic preacher decided to force his hateful beliefs upon pedestrians shopping at Sydney, Australia's Pitt Street Mall on Mardi Gras, one street musician took it upon himself to spread the opposite: Love.

According to the video’s description, the preacher was “spreading anti-gay propaganda” when the musician and his friends stepped in to drown out the negativity.

They set up in a clearing between shops at the outdoor mall to play happy, loving, uplifting music; a stark contrast of the dark negativity of the homophobic man nearby.

The musicians’ ploy was a success. He said,

Everyone joined together to celebrate diversity and equality, eventually forcing the man to leave.

They could have fought, or yelled at the man, but they didn’t — and I couldn’t think of a better way to counter the hate-mongering of a misguided homophobe.

Check out an inspiring video of the showdown up top.