56,000 People Helped Reunite Man With His Childhood Nanny After 30 Years

A nanny and her former charge have been reunited, all thanks to the power of the Internet.

This past Saturday, the pair finally had the chance to embrace once more.

Decades after caring for a young Spanish boy named Francisco Javier Gimenez Diaz, Yeny Zaera took to Facebook in an attempt to find him and his three siblings.

The Logroño woman posted a collage of Diaz's childhood photos and a description of him, only to find her request rapidly going viral.

In 1985, Diaz's mother vanished with a boyfriend and left the frequently overlooked children without a parent.

The 20-something Zaera made an attempt to adopt Diaz and his siblings, but she was rejected because of her relative youth and singledom. Unfortunately, her parents' attempt at adoption was also denied.

Instead of staying with Zaera, each child was adopted by a different Spanish family.

Yeny Zaera feared she'd lost contact with Diaz for good.

But, the Internet worked its magic.

More than 56,000 people shared Zaera's post, and it soon reached Diaz's sister, Raquel.

Three days later, Zaera and Diaz, now 35, were in contact.

They arranged to meet in the town of Arnedo.

The middle-aged woman updated her Facebook post, thanking everyone for their aid.

She even uploaded a few new images of them together.

Diaz exchanged hugs with the woman who cared for him when his own parents didn't.

It was an emotional reunion, to say the least.

The reunion was followed by this post on Facebook.

Zaera's post, as translated by BuzzFeed, reflects her joy.

WE FOUND HIM!!! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THE DREAM HAS COME TRUE. WITHOUT SO MUCH HELP IT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE, THANKS A MILLION!!!! Updated 02/23/2015 I never could have imagined that there are such goodhearted people out there. I never could have expected so much solidarity, I'm touched. It's impossible to thank everyone, so from here I send thanks absolutely to all that have commented and continue sharing. I'll post more photos and I'll tell you that his name is Francisco Javier Gimenez Diaz and that it's possible that he was born on February 2, 1980 in Zaragoza and that he had incredible blue eyes. With all of the effort we're putting in between everyone we'll surely find him. Thanks, thanks, thanks, a thousand times.

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