People Around The World Are Sending Hot Wheels To Sick 3-Year-Old Boy


You've never seen a more cheerful pneumonia patient than Ethan Carnesecca.

The 3-year-old currently hospitalized at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City has been overwhelmed with support from strangers, but his donations don't contain any money.

According to ABC News, people from all over the world have been sending Ethan Hot Wheels cars, which are more than just toys for him.

Ethan's mother told ABC News,

He had a chest X-ray this morning and he was in pain, so he said to the tech, 'Can I have a car?' Whenever somebody brings new cars, his eyes light up and he says, 'Thank you.'

The toddler has been in the hospital for a few weeks, and his treatments have often been fairly unpleasant, the Huffington Post reports.

John Lambert, a friend of the Carneseccas, is a fellow Hot Wheels collector who was amazed to see them being used as a source of healing.

He wrote about Ethan's struggle and love of cars on his blog, The Lamley Group.

The story captured the hearts of people from Malaysia, Europe, Japan and around the US, who then asked if they could send cars to the hospital.

About 200 cars have so far been mailed in.

Ethan's father said,

You know when you're 3 years old and in a hospital bed, you don't have control over many things. Having these cars gives him some security and control.

Donations can be sent to:

Ethan Carnesecca c/o Primary Children's Hospital 100 Mario Capecchi Drive Salt Lake City UT 84132

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