OMFG: Drinking One Glass Of Wine Might Actually Improve Your Looks

We already know that moderate consumption of red wine is linked with health benefits; some even suggest a glass of wine mimics an hour of exercise.

Another reason to indulge in the fermented beverage? It can help you look better. Seriously.

A study conducted by Bristol University concluded that drinking a glass of wine -- or small amounts of other alcohol -- may boost physical attractiveness.

In the study, a group of 40 participants drank varying amounts of alcohol and were photographed before drinking, after one drink and again after two drinks.

Then, a group of sober individuals was tasked with rating the drinkers' attractiveness based on the photos.

Results showed that the photos taken after one drink were rated as more attractive than both their sober and two-drink counterparts.

The researchers concluded that because alcohol relaxes facial muscles and dilates the pupils, small amounts may boost a drinkers' approachability.

Too much, on the other hand, does the opposite.

But the study's senior researcher, Marcus Munafò, cautions the results “obviously [don't] mean that alcohol is healthy."

He said,

What it means is that alcohol is sort of….promoting the aspects of facial features that we regard as attractive.

Additionally, if your drinking partner is also hitting the bottle, it doesn't matter how much you've had -- the more we drink, the more likely we are to rate others as attractive.

So if you're looking for a slight boost in attractiveness, remember: A glass of wine is fine, but any more, and you're an eyesore.

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