New Research Shows Funny Guys Are Actually Way Better In Bed

Good news for the goofy guys out there: According to science, you reign supreme in the bedroom. Tell that to the jocks who bullied you in high school.

It's true: A study conducted by researchers at the University of Albany found women are more likely to not only prefer sex with a man who makes her laugh, but they're also more likely to initiate it more often, straight-up want it more often and physically enjoy it more.

Further, women are more likely to feel both protected by and committed to her man if he knows exactly what sort of joke will have her doubled over with a fit of the giggles.

In short: Funny guys make the best partners.

Anthropologist Gil Greengross said in an interview with Psychology Today,

People with a great sense of humor are attractive as mates and enjoy better mating success. This is especially true for men who use humor to attract mates, as humor is one of the most desired traits by women when choosing a mate.

The study only surveyed undergraduate females, so of course, these findings may not be representative of the entire female population. But in my opinion, they've pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Ladies just want to laugh  —  and there's nothing sexier than a man who can knows just what to say to crack us up.

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