Astronauts Give Leonard Nimoy The Proper Farewell He Deserves

It's only right that Leonard Nimoy, the man who captured the imaginations of many lovers of outer space, receive this type of send-off.

Nimoy, who passed away on Friday, was the subject of a short but special tribute from NASA astronaut Colonel Mike Fincke and European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano.

Both of these men said they were inspired by the legendary actor.

Fincke said,

As we at NASA, along with our international partners, explore the moon, Mars and beyond, we'll take the spirit and energy that Leonard brought to his character, Mr. Spock, along with us. Live long and prosper.

Check out the video of NASA's special tribute to Leonard Nimoy below.

RIP Leonard Nimoy. So many of us at NASA were inspired by Star Trek. Boldly go... — NASA (@NASA) February 27, 2015 — Terry W. Virts (@AstroTerry) February 28, 2015
NASA Johnson on YouTube

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