The Majority Of Facebook Users Saw 'The Dress' As White And Gold

The almighty dress set the Internet ablaze last week, but now, it seems the fire has more or less died down.

That means we can now look at things a little more objectively and scientifically.

According to an analysis of Facebook posts about "The Dress," most users saw it as white and gold and not black and blue.

About 58 percent of Facebook users saw "The Dress" as white and gold, whereas 42 percent saw it as black and blue.

The scientists who conducted the study said,

We're data scientists, not oculists or neurologists; we'll leave speculation about exactly how this perceptual difference occurs up to the experts. But this one dress provides a fascinating window into how human vision and the brain it feeds can perceive things so differently.

The scientists charted their findings and were able to come to some pretty interesting conclusions by doing so.

Men were 6 percent more likely to see "The Dress" as black and blue. People who looked at the photo on their phones were more likely to perceive it as white and gold.

Also of note, teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 were more likely to see "The Dress" as black and blue than elderly people between the ages of 55 and 64.

After it came out "The Dress" was actually black and blue, the number of users who saw it as those colors began to spike.

Here are the graphs of the data scientists' findings about "The Dress."

How the way in which one saw it affected what colors were seen:

How gender affected what one saw:

How age affected what one saw:

How time of day affected what one saw:

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