Badass Mom Takes Down Alleged Carjacker Who Slammed Into Her Minivan (Video)

A Texas mother of two subdued an alleged carjacker after he rear-ended her while her young son was in the car.

According to Daily Mail, Artai Alexander, 40, stole a Dodge Challenger at around 3:30 pm Wednesday when he threatened its owner at gunpoint.

He reportedly sped down the road for about 20 minutes before ramming into Jessica Leismann's minivan at a busy intersection in a school zone.

Inside the van was Leismann, her boyfriend, Charles Cook, and their 13-year-old son TJ, who they had just picked up from school.

They were on their way to fetch their younger daughter when Alexander hit the vehicle.

Leismann's 4-year-old son Jaylen died of epilepsy last year, so she became enraged since the crash could have killed another one of her children.

She immediately got out of the car, dragged Alexander out of the driver's seat and threw the criminal to the ground.

Cook told local news outlet WFAA,

She was yelling at the dude, 'Look what you did to my car! Look what you did to my car!' And I could hear him saying, 'Just let me go, let me go!' And she was like, 'No, you're not going nowhere! Look what you just did to my car!'

Police arrived soon after to handcuff the fallen Alexander.

TJ was shaken up but appeared physically unharmed.

Alexander will soon face charges of aggravated robbery and evading arrest, according to Daily Mail.

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