A Mom Shamed Her 13-Year-Old Daughter For Lying About Age On Facebook

A Denver mother made her 13-year-old daughter admit on camera she isn't the 19-year-old "freak" she claims to be online.

Val Starks recently found out her daughter had a secret Facebook account featuring a picture of her in her bra and another photo of her in lace panties.

She also reportedly exchanged messages with numerous older men.

Starks asked her daughter whether she would rather be spanked or publicly shamed on Facebook. Starks said,

She said she'd rather have a whoopin', so I chose the latter.

In the video, Starks makes the young girl admit to the camera she still watches the Disney Channel, does not own lingerie and has a bedtime.

Its popularity garnered Starks so many friend requests on Facebook, the social network was forced to temporarily suspend her account.

A second video Starks posted on Monday reveals the mother is currently unable to get a job due to the eight months she spent in jail for a charge related to trafficking marijuana.

Starks says she told her daughter,

I'm an adult who made a bad decision and I had to suffer the consequences, and I'm still suffering the consequences. And you're a kid who made a bad decision and there are consequences to that.

Starks added her daughter's embarrassment is nothing compared to the harm she could have faced if one of the men she had been messaging turned out to be dangerous.

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