Model Effortlessly Eats Massive Two-Pound Burrito In Under 2 Minutes (Video)

There is nothing I hate more than the assumption skinny girls don't eat.

And that is exactly why Nela Zisser is my hero.

The model and competitive eater recently posted a video on YouTube of herself wolfing down a massive two-pound burrito as part of the Mad Mex Big Burrito Challenge.

Impressively, not only did Zisser finish the $18 burrito, she also ate the entire thing in a mere minute and 44 seconds without breaking a sweat.

In the end, she polished off the fallen fixins by grabbing handfuls and stuffing 'em in her mouth, ensuring not a single bean was left uneaten.

It's hard to determine whether the footage is amazing or repellent, and that's precisely why it's so damn good.

Check it out above.

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