Mexico Shows The World The Power Of Protest After 43 Students Go Missing (Video)

It feels like the whole world has been protesting against injustice in recent weeks. We've witnessed pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, and protests against racism and police brutality in the United States.

Mexico has not been immune to this trend.

On September 26, 43 student-teachers traveled on a bus to Iguala to protest education reforms and raise money. Local police, with links to violent gangs, stopped and attacked the bus.

Six people were killed that night. The police delivered the rest of the student-teachers to the Guerreros Unidos drug cartel. They were taken to a landfill, murdered and their bodies were burned. Some of their charred remains were then dumped into a river.

The remains were eventually discovered. Forensic experts recently identified one of the missing students among the charred remains.

Allegedly, all of this was done at the behest of the mayor of Iguala and his wife. They have since been arrested.

The Mexican people immediately took to the streets in protest, and the protests have continued over the past several months. These demonstrations are more about being against a habitually violent and corrupt system rather than this specific incident.

The kidnappings struck a nerve and exposed a pervading discontent with the status quo in Mexico. Drug cartel violence has plagued Mexico for years, claiming thousands upon thousands of lives. What's more, the government, military and police are often complicit.

Not surprisingly, the Mexican people have had enough, which is precisely why they have taken to the streets as of late. Elite Daily was able to capture footage of recent protests in Mexico City, exhibiting the complicated mixture of emotions on display in the nation's capital.

Video provided by ED correspondents Gibrán Zafra, Yaid Jovel, Heatzi Valdéz and Sal Tumolo.

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