Hong Kong Student Delivers Powerful Message About Fight For Democracy (Video)

by John Haltiwanger

Occupy Central has finally come to a close.

The pro-democracy protests began in the streets of Hong Kong 11 weeks ago, garnering international attention and support.

As the movement came to a relatively anticlimactic conclusion, Elite Daily spoke with Alex Chow, one of the most prominent student leaders throughout the protests.

Chow is 24 years old and the general secretary of the Hong Kong Federation of Students. Along with 18-year-old Joshua Wong, Chow emerged as one of the most vocal young leaders during the Occupy Central protests.

Chow and Wong are a testament to how active Millennials were throughout the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Chow has stated that these specific protests might be over, but contends that the larger movement will continue until Hong Kong experiences true democracy.

He also urges young people to continue the fight, as it will dictate their future and the rights they enjoy in the years to come.

Video provided by ED correspondents Stephanie Ip & Kevin Cureau.

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