A Mexican Drug Lord Was Caught After His GF Brought Him Birthday Cake

The arrest of the most sought-after drug lord in Mexico was made possible because of a cake brought to him by a girlfriend.

Authorities had been investigating the whereabouts of Servando Gomez Martinez, who had led the Knights Templar cartel, for several months.

They eventually determined that Gomez, 49, was most likely hiding in a bat-infested cave that was once used to hold detainees of the cartel.

On Feb. 6, his girlfriend and several other people arrived at the cave with a chocolate cake to celebrate the criminal's birthday.

One of the visitors was carrying a phone tapped by investigators.

The discovery of Gomez allowed police to arrest him at a hot dog stand at around 3 am last Friday, according to VICE, with no resistance or violence involved.

Inside his refrigerator on the night of his arrest was his girlfriend's chocolate cake.

Pastel en casa donde se escondía #latuta se lo llevaron por su cumpleaños, así lo descubrieron. @TelemundoNews — Raul Torres (@raultorres70) February 28, 2015

Gomez has allegedly trafficked massive amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine into the US and was indicted for narcotics conspiracy charges by the US in 2009.

Whether the US will look to extradite Gomez isn't clear, but his indictment aimed to put him in jail for a minimum of 10 years to the rest of his life.

He has been recorded admitting to numerous murders, and VICE quotes him as once saying he would prefer death over prison.

Gomez said on a recording released in November,

I killed them because they were assh*les who snitched on me, when I didn't do anything to them, and only helped everybody. But I know I'll eventually pay for it.

Gomez will face charges of organized crime and drug trafficking when he appears in court, possibly as soon as Thursday.

The arrest came on nearly the exact same day in which Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who led the Sinaloa cartel and was regarded as the most powerful drug lord in Mexican history, was arrested last year.

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