Meet The Male Porn Star Who's Struggling To Find True Love In His Life (Video)

When it comes to the life of a male porn star, most guys will tell you it sounds like a pretty sweet gig. From sleeping with beautiful women to actually making a living off it as your profession, it has to be a dream come true, right?

Logan Pierce may tell you otherwise. Pierce, a three-year veteran in the adult film industry, is all too familiar with the industry's ups and downs.

Winner of the 2013 AVN Award for Best Male Newcomer, Pierce has become one of the industry's rising male stars over the past few years.

As one can imagine, the positives of the industry are obvious. It's the best sex you could ever dream of having, as Pierce puts it, and the profession puts him in a position to have sex with women many men across the world would give anything to be with.

The negatives, however, are very real. When you're constantly having sex with multiple women, professionally or otherwise, it can be nearly impossible to build a meaningful romantic relationship with one person.

Nearly all the women Pierce dates are porn stars because, like the rest of us, he meets most of them through work.

"Naturally, I meet them on set," Pierce says of the women he encounters. "In any business, you meet people at work."

Pierce is looking for love outside the industry, but many women are understandably apprehensive about dating a porn star. Logan Pierce's story is one of a Millennial man looking for love in a situation flooded with complexities the vast majority of us don't have to deal with.

"I think emotions are much deeper than any kind of physical connection you can have," says Pierce. "If I start dating a girl who I invest myself in fully, I won't be able to do my job because I won't want to do it. I'll feel like I'm actually hurting somebody."

Only time will tell whether Pierce will find someone to look beyond his profession as a porn star and see the man who's passionate about writing at home and hiking on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

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