Meet The Real Walter White: The Meth Dealer Who Inspired The Show 'Breaking Bad' (Video)

by Robert Gordon

Way before Bryan Cranston embarked on what is considered by some as the greatest bit of acting of all-time, portraying meth dealer Walter White in the hit show “Breaking Bad,” a man actually named Walter White was selling the best meth in America.

Walter White sold methamphetamine in Alabama from 1988 until 2012, and was notorious for having the best meth available.

Despite selling a massive amount of the addictive drug, Walter White managed to maintain a low profile, until he was eventually arrested in 2008, and again in 2012, both for trafficking methamphetamine.

White was initially given a $2,000,000 bail for his second arrest, but for some reason, the judge had a change of heart and lowered it to $10,000, so White could enter “The Foundry,” a faith-based methamphetamine recovery clinic.

AMC’s hit series “Breaking Bad” started in 2008, following the journey of a high school chemistry teacher who turned to cooking meth after being diagnosed with lung cancer in order to support his family. And yes, the teacher’s name was Walter White.

VICE caught up with the real Walter White for this epic documentary, and he explains why his partner is serving consecutive life sentences, what post-meth life is about, as well as reminiscing on the good and bad times of his past life.

Via Vice, Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube