Man Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant After 5 Years Of Trying For A Baby

Last month, Doug Price and his wife sat down to create a video for a contest to win a trip to Aruba. Price believed he and his wife would merely explain why they deserved to win the vacation.

His wife, however, had other plans.

In the video, she begins by explaining that after honeymooning in Aruba a decade ago, the couple would love to return.

She continues, adding how Aruba would also be a great spot to celebrate their “babymoon,” revealing that after five years of trying, she'd finally gotten pregnant.

Doug, shocked, immediately begins to cry and asks his wife,

Are you really pregnant?

In the video description, he admits his wife surprised him “pretty good,” and adds that while they didn't win the trip to Aruba, he thinks they “got the better end of the deal.”

Check out the adorable reveal up top.

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