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Scumbag Uses Ex Girlfriend's Photos To Set Up A Fake Escort Profile

An arrest warrant has been issued for a British man named Matthew Dunford after he set up a fake website stating his ex girlfriend was a prostitute.

After his former girlfriend, Amanda Branco, scorned him, Dunford, 30, allegedly stalked Branco and bombarded her with texts and calls in an attempt to get back together with the Brazilian model.

Dunford then asked Branco pay him cash for "damaging his life." She did not pay Dunford, and he built the fake website painting Branco as an escort. Dunford then sent the site to Branco's mother and sister.

He also called Branco a prostitute on Facebook and linked his comments to Branco's employer's page.

Dunford was found guilty on two counts of harassment without violence. He failed to show up for his court date earlier this week, but his lawyer still argued his case.

The former couple dated for six months prior to the dissolution of the relationship in October 2013. After the breakup, Branco traveled to Brazil in order to get away from Dunford. She said,

I went to Brazil for three months to get away from him. The day I got back -- I don't know how he found out -- he left me a voicemail screaming 'are you back, are you back, are you back?' He kept asking me to meet him, he said he had problems with drugs and needed my friendship to move on and go back to the gym and move on my life. I was getting 30 calls a day. When I went to meet him he cried and cried on the street. I told him we couldn't be friends.

Dunford has not yet been arrested.

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