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Man In Uganda Avenges Wife's Death By Killing Crocodile That Ate Her

A Ugandan man has avenged his wife's death by killing the 25-foot crocodile that ate her four months ago.

Daily Mail reports that the 1,300-pound beast killed the wife of 50-year-old Mubarak Batambuze when she was fetching water at Lake Kyoga.

Demeteriya Nabire was eight months pregnant at the time.

The crocodile is also said to have eaten six women and children in the exact same location.

Batambuze, a fisherman from Kibuye, found his opportunity for revenge last month upon learning the reptile had returned in search of more prey.

He asked a blacksmith to make him a special spear with a spike on its side so the crocodile's insides would be torn apart should the spear be pulled from its flesh.

A rope was also attached to its end to ensure the widower could retrieve the spear after each blow.

He told the BBC,

I had so much fear in me but what helped me to succeed was the spear.

Batambuze then recruited a few friends and went to face the beast at the edge of the lake.

The crew was petrified at the sight of the massive creature, but Batambuze was not about to be intimidated.

He told his friends,

I'm not bothered if I die killing this beast. I'm going to take it on with this spear, and I will make sure that it dies.

Batambuze's friends distracted the crocodile by throwing rocks at it, allowing their leader to ram the spear into its body.

He pulled the rope to rip open the crocodile's belly, but this only made it attack with even more ferocity.

The team repeatedly attacked and dodged the beast's lethal jaws for an hour and a half until it was dead.

They dragged the crocodile back to their village, and villagers were shocked to see how big the animal was.

A spokesman for Uganda's Wildlife Authority (UWA) said the group is fairly certain this is the animal that ate Batambuze's wife and unborn child, according to Daily Mail.

He added that the UWA will seek to move the area's crocodiles to Muchison Falls National Park or Uganda's Wildlife Education Center.

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