Man Gets Best Birthday Card From His Dad Who Passed Away 16 Years Ago


For his 30th birthday, Redditor ChrisBenRoy received one special gift he'll never forget: a birthday card from his long-deceased father.

The silly card, signed, “Love Ya, Dad,” was written 16 years ago, right before ChrisBenRoy's father lost his battle against cancer.

According to ChrisBenRoy, when his father knew he'd soon pass away, he bought and filled out birthday cards for his sons' milestone birthdays as a way to send his love throughout their lives, since he wouldn't be there in the flesh.

His mother held onto the cards and kept them safe.

ChrisBenRoy wrote,

He added,

I couldn't imagine a better birthday gift.

Happy 30th, ChrisBenRoy. Here's to many more.

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