Man Proposes On V-Day To Ex-Wife Who Divorced Him 43 Years Ago

by Sean Levinson

Two ex-spouses, both 75, will be married again after a surprise proposal on Valentine's Day.

Louis Demetriades met Renate Stumpf at a German army base when they were both 18 in the late 1950s, ABC News reports.

He was a soldier, and she worked in a kitchen.

Stumpf told ABC News,

The first time I ever saw him, he asked me if I could fix him a hamburger. He liked who he saw, so he asked to go help me out in the kitchen.

She told him she didn't need any help, but Demetriades refused to be deterred and pursued Stumpf until a relationship began.

The two would go on to have three kids before getting divorced about 13 years later.

Stumpf said,

We had little financial support, I didn't know anything and I could barely speak English. We started arguing about every little thing.

They both remarried, but their second spouses passed away not too long ago.

Demetriades and Stumpf started speaking again last December, however, when he contacted their daughter on Facebook.

He then called the Fort Smith, AR, Walmart, where Stumpf works.

She said,

When we saw each other again last December, we knew right then we still loved each other for sure. That love has never passed.

Demetriades drove almost 300 miles from Memphis, TN, to surprise his ex-wife at work last weekend.

He approached her from behind and presented a sign that read,

Happy Valentine's Day! Will you marry me?

She jokingly said "no" at first but quickly changed her mind.

The couple will take some time to rekindle their bond before tying the knot again.

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