Man Has 420 Kidney Stones Removed After Eating Way Too Much Tofu

Doctors say the hundreds of kidney stones they recently removed from a male patient were formed by excessive consumption of tofu.

According to Daily Mail, the 55-year-old, known only as Mr. He, went to a doctor in the Chinese province of Zhejiang last month complaining of immense pain in his abdomen.

A CT scan revealed so many kidney stones, Mr. He would have been in serious danger of losing the organ if he waited any longer to seek help.

The patient was treated for more than 10 kidney stones 20 years ago, and they may very well have been caused by the same dietary choice that led up to Friday's operation.

Mr. He admitted to eating massive quantities of tofu every day and hardly drinking any water.

The outcome left him nearly unable to urinate or even move.

Dr. Wei, the man who conducted the operation, said at least 420 green and yellow kidney stones were extracted.

Dr. Wei said,

I have never seen so many stones before. The operation took less than two hours of which 45 minutes was used to remove the stones. At the end of the operation I realized my arms and legs were numb.

In addition to the 420 stones, Dr. Wei also found over 100 "rice-sized" stones that were removed by way of suction technology.

He noted bean-based foods, such as tofu, contain a lot of calcium and often cause kidney stones if one eats too much and does not drink enough water.

Mr. He's family reportedly promised the patient will now eat tofu in much smaller quantities.

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