Man Escapes Death After Wife Tried To Suffocate Him By Motorboating His Face With Her 38DD Breasts


A buxom woman has been accused of trying to kill her lawyer boyfriend… with her double-D breasts. Franziska Hansen, 33 from Germany is accused of ‘attempted manslaughter with a weapon’ after her boyfriend claimed she tried to smother him with her breasts and pretend it was a sex game of motorboat. 

She denies the claim saying it was a sex game and he knew what it was all about.

Tim Schmidt told the German court that although they had had a difficult relationship, until then everything in the bedroom had been normal. 

He said that with his last reserves of strength he had managed to extricate himself from the woman's vice-like grip and fled naked to a neighbor and demanded he called the police.

Mr Schmidt said when they met four years ago, the couple had been completely in love. 

He said Franziska tried to kill him after learning he was planning to leave her. 

Paul Hudson | Elite.