This Man Was Able To Successfully Sue His Wife For Being Ugly To The Tune Of $120,000

Last year, we reported that a man in China sued his wife for being ugly, after he discovered she had had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery before he met her.

Jian Feng sued his wife after the couple’s daughter was born and he didn't understand why she was very ugly since both he and his wife were good-looking individuals.

When he found out his wife had undergone extensive surgery to alter her appearance, he sued her, saying she married him under false pretenses.

This photo shows the family all together, and the children don’t look much like their mother, probably because she went to South Korea to drastically change her appearance.

Jian actually won the lawsuit, and was awarded $120,000 in the settlement.

While he won the settlement, is it worth the long-term effects? How will this affect his children in the future when they find out that he thought they were ugly ever since they were born?

Was it wrong for the wife to deceive him, or was changing her appearance something that had nothing to do with him?

Top Photo Courtesy: Chicago Now