3-Year-Old Celebrates Last Chemo Treatment By Dressing As Wonder Woman

After surviving eight months of exhausting chemotherapy, 3-year-old Sophia Sandoval celebrated by donning a Wonder Woman costume.

Sophia, who lives with her family in San Antonio was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in May after she'd been having trouble keeping her balance.

The tumor, which sits below the cerebellum, accounts for about 20 percent of brain tumors in children.

After surgery and months of chemotherapy, Sophia only has a few tests left to determine if she's officially free of cancer.

The photograph of Sophia in her victorious Wonder Woman get-up was so inspiring, thousands shared it.

Actress Lynda Carter, best known for portraying the badass heroine on television, shared the image on her Facebook page. She called Sophia a "real-life little WW!!"

Doctors and staff at San Antonio Methodist Children's Hospital got to know the little girl well after months of visits.

Balloons and celebration aside, the Sandoval family can't wait to have their daughter healthy.

Sophia earned the right to fight evil with Wonder Woman, herself.

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