4-Year-Old Girl Leaves House At 3 AM And Boards Bus To Get A Slushie

Remember how much you loved sweets as a kid?

Almost as much as you hated going to bed on time.

Providing a lovely taste of such nostalgia is a 4-year-old girl who got on a bus early Friday morning in search of her favorite treat.

According to The New York Daily News, young Annabelle put on snow boots along with a purple raincoat and took to the streets of Philadelphia at around 3 am.

A man saw the girl was alone and signaled an incoming bus.

Stunned passengers and the bus driver, Harlan Jenifer, immediately asked her where she thought she was going.

Jenifer quotes her as saying,

All I want is a slushie.

Surveillance video shows Annabelle shrugging as passengers stare at her curiously.

Jenifer stopped the bus to call the police, who quickly arrived to take Annabelle to her parents.

Jaclyn Mager and Timothy Ridgeway met their child at a local hospital about an hour after she got on the bus.

The couple told WPVI Annabelle's quest has prompted them to change the locks on their home.

But Annabelle still hadn't satisfied her slushie craving.

Right after being reunited with her parents, she asked her mother,

Mom, can you take me to Wawa and buy a slushie?

Mager replied,

I will take you to Wawa and buy a slushie. But listen, promise me next time you'll wait for me OK?

She and Ridgeway said they were very grateful for Jenifer and the passengers on the bus.

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