3-Year-Old Boy Who Wrote Letter To 'Doggy Heaven' Gets Amazing Reply

This dreary Monday morning story will break your heart, tape it up and then fill it with love all over again.

When 3-year-old Luke lost his cherished pet dog, Moe, he was understandably devastated; the two were best pals.

To help her son deal with the grief, his mother, Mary Architzel Westbrook, suggested the toddler write a letter to the beagle in doggy heaven.

Before putting it in a mailbox near his home in Norfolk, Virginia, the little boy adorably addressed the note to:

Moe Westbrook, Doggie Heaven, Cloud 1

Mary didn't expect anything to come of it -- likely, the post office would throw the letter away, and Luke would forget all about it.

But last week, something amazing happened: Little Luke got the reply he'd been waiting for.

The unstamped, handwritten letter read,

I'm in doggie heaven. I play all day, I am happy. Thank you 4 being my friend. I wuv you Luke.

There was no indication of who may have written the sweet reply, but Mary said the family was touched by it.

We can't imagine how thrilled the little boy must have been to "hear back" from his furry friend.

Whoever wrote this letter is a true hero. In this mess of a world, it's encouraging to know there are still people out there with kind, caring hearts.

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