Funny Guys, Rejoice! Laughter Is The Trick To Sparking A Relationship

by Chris Riotta
Carousel Productions (II)

So your Tinder date turned out actually to be a blast. Who knew this could be possible?

Sure, you may not remember the weird name of that drink you kept ordering, but you're smiling the entire way back to your apartment as you vividly replay each moment of the night.

All you remember is that the other person had an awesome smile. Oh yeah, and a really great laugh. In fact, now that you think about it, that's all you were doing the entire date: laughing.

That may be exactly why you felt a connection. Research from the University College London and the University of Oxford shows laughter plays a significant role in sparking new relationships, both intimate and platonic.

Researchers studied 112 college students by dividing them into random groups. While each group watched videos, certain groups' videos were funnier than others. After the videos, participants were asked to perform ice breakers within their groups.

The study found that those who watched the funnier videos were more likely to let their guard down and were willing to exchange deeper personal information.

The reason laughing may be the key to the beginning of a great relationship? Laughing sparks the release of endorphins, the feel good hormones that dance around our brains when we eat good food, win a game, and every time we think we may have finally found the one.

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