Kid Cries His Heart Out When He Learns He's Going To Disney World (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

Disney World is the utopia of childhood dreams: There is nothing more sacred or coveted than a visit to the Floridian playground.

Little Sean knows this all too well -- and when his parents tell him they’ll be visiting the iconic theme park, he cannot contain his excitement.

They surprise him with the news while en route to the airport by giving him a package with what appears to be theme park wristbands.

After throwing his arms up in the air in triumph, the little boy emits an almost pained squeal of joy as he desperately tries to hold back his tears.

After a moment, he pushes his seatbelt aside to hug his parents, wordlessly thanking them for what is easily the best gift he’s ever received in his young life.

His sister, who sits beside him in a car seat, doesn’t seem to give half a f*ck, but that doesn’t matter -- Sean’s joy is more than enough for the both of them.

Have fun, little buddy!