Japan Has Managed To Create The Most Realistic Sex Dolls Of All Time (Photos)

by Alexia LaFata

Forget about regular, boring sex toys.

The Japanese company, Orient Industry, has created a sex doll so realistic that many people who buy one forget that they're not actually interacting with a real human.

These new "Dutch Wives" (Japanese term for sex doll) are crafted from the highest quality silicon material.

Costing over $1,500, the dolls, which are a product of a high-tech industry in Japan that searches for ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible, have extremely human-like eyes and skin.

They also come with their own line of clothing and are completely customizable, so you can alter the doll's bust and hair color to suit your liking.

The latest models even come with movable joints, so you can bend her in doggy style if you want.

Company spokesman Osami Seto said,

The two areas we identified as really needing improvement were the skin and the eyes. We feel we have finally got something that is arguably not distinguishable from the real thing. The dolls are part of a high-tech industry in Japan, which is constantly looking at ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible.

Japanese media outlets boasts that if you buy one of these sex dolls, you will never want a real girlfriend again. Is anyone else slightly offended by this?

She even has a thigh gap.

OK, she's pretty hot. She knows how to work that slightly-opened mouth.

Come on, girlfriend. Cross your legs. You don't want creepy men ogling up your skirt. Oh, wait -- you kind of do.

Hey, where'd you get that shirt?

You can't possibly be cold. You're a doll.

Those are hungry eyes. Are you staring at what I think you're staring at?

Schoolgirl, huh? Classic.

Very Zooey Deschanel.

And she's in the kitchen? Whoa. We real-life ladies have some competition.

H/T: Daily Mail