Introducing Wikileaf: The Best Way To Find Weed Near You Via Dispensary Or Delivery

Trust us when we say that in a few years, you'll be wondering how you knew what to smoke before Wikileaf, a revolutionary website that went live just last week.

Founded by Dan Nelson, Wikileaf is an online encyclopedia that answers every single question you could possibly have about our lady Jane: where to get it, how much it's going for and exactly what it'll do to you, broken down in a surprisingly analytic manner.

The site serves as a database for both the country's dispensaries along with each strain, providing helpful information regarding their effects, chemical makeup and the ailments they are usually prescribed to alleviate.

The dispensary section tells you where the dispensaries are and how much they charge for different amounts of bud. But it's the strain section, in our opinion, that truly makes the site special.

Each strain is displayed as an indica, sativa or hybrid (body high, head high, or a little of both), and broken down in a profile entailing each one's individual strengths and uses.

The potential for negative effects are even mentioned should the strain be smoked at the wrong time or for the wrong reason.

At the top of the profile are the strain's "Strain Attributes," where you can access the THC contents, outstanding effects and medical uses.

To the left side is the recommended time of the day to smoke said strain, which is a huge factor in harnessing the strain to the best of its ability. The bottom right contains an overview, which will tell you everything from where the strain originated, the best things to do after smoking it and a detailed yet universal description of the type of high it induces.

Wikileaf is tremendously useful for both seasoned stoners and beginners because it will tell you what you need, why you need it and how to use it most efficiently.

We just can't believe we've gone so long without its help.