Instant Karma: Guy Gets Knocked Out And Stomped Out For Pushing Girl To The Ground (Video)

by Ashley Fern

Whoever said chivalry is dead hasn't watched this latest video of a group of guys stomping out another guy for throwing a girl to the ground. Sure, violence is never the answer, but it sure is refreshing to see a group of people willing to stand up for a victim.

Five guys take on the douchebag who threw a girl while the camera man chants "WORLDSTAR" over and over again. I have no idea where this video was filmed, but my top guess would be the Jersey Shore.

Why these guys were fighting in the first place is beyond me, but after witnessing my fair share of guy-fights, I don't see how it's ever a smart idea.

PSA: Don't drink and fight -- it never ends well for anyone.

H/T: BroBible