Indian Woman Shames Man Who Tried Molesting Her On Flight

On an otherwise average flight, a man who allegedly saw nothing wrong with fondling a female passenger was exposed in front of the whole plane.

A viral video uploaded by Shreyas Rao this past Saturday reportedly shows the moment a fellow IndiGo Airlines traveler, audibly angry, called out an older man who'd spent the flight to Bhubaneswar, India reaching through the gap between the seats in front of him in an attempt to grope her.

Instead of meekly deplaning, the woman loudly demands to know why he thought touching her was appropriate before defending her right to respect.

According to the original video's unverified description, the man has since been taken into custody.

In the Internet age, it's easy to fake stories like this, such as the suspicious case of the Rohtak sisters.

But, for the sake of everyone who has been violated on trains, buses and planes, let's hope this is a real woman who received the justice she deserved.

The video's description alleges the man in question is wealthy and well-known, making the incident all the more embarrassing for him.

A second video, uploaded by Buzz Laundry, appears to show the man admitting his crime after the flight landed.