Angry Bride Married A Wedding Guest After Groom Got Sick Mid-Ceremony

by Emily Arata

'Til death, or the closest handsome wedding guest, do we part.

The BBC reports 23-year-old Indira married her sister's brother-in-law at a ceremony designed for her and another man in Rampur, India.

The original groom, 25-year-old Jugal Kishore, had reportedly hidden his epilepsy from Indira before the wedding. When he fell to the ground in a seizure and was rushed to see a doctor, Indira wasn't amused.

Brushing off Kishore's skeletons in the closet, the bride reportedly told the gathered party she'd be happy to marry another attendee, Harpal Singh. The man, clad in denim and leather, agreed.

According to The Times of India, the would-be celebration became a comical battle upon Kishore's return to the wedding venue.

When he saw Indira's new husband, Kishore and his family tried to reason with the woman before beginning to use flatware and dishes as projectile weapons.

Police report the dispute between families has since been formally resolved, although Kishore's unlikely to forget the slight.

And you thought your family was over-the-top.

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