Its The Little Things That Matter

In these hectic and stressful times, all of our days can use some simple pick-me-ups. With the everyday hassle of the daily grind, we often make the mistake of ignoring certain things to make our lives easier when we are in fact making everything a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Here are simple yet effective ways of changing the rest of your days:

Call Your Relatives

What better way to get you back on track than to call the people who hopefully love you unconditionally? Sure, they may be a pain in the ass at times, but nobody has become successful without first realizing where they came from. There is no better reminder about your goals than talking to the people you’re trying to make proud. Call your mom, grandmother, uncle, aunt, anyone that has sacrificed to see you make it.

Eat Healthier

Do you really have to eat that double bacon cheeseburger? You couldn’t settle for a grilled chicken sandwich? Not that you have to go on a diet and completely change the course of your life but you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel if you drink a glass of water rather than one of soda.

Fatty foods & bad carbs give nothing but empty calories that make us feel sluggish & tired for the rest of the day. Minor changes in what you eat can make a huge difference. It’s not that hard to simply choose the healthy alternative once in a while. So if you’re at lunch & know that you have another four hours at the office, settle for something light, filling & full of energy.

Write Things Down

Your brain is constantly getting bombarded by sensory information at any given moment. It’s amazing that your brain is constantly picking up these cues from the environment & this cognitive functioning is always happening, regardless of whatever you willingly think.

Furthermore, human memory is extremely flawed. Our memory is a lot worse than what we think of it to be. Information tends to stay in our short-term memory for 15-20 seconds unless we voluntarily decide to think about it. Then and only then, will the new information be retained in our long-term memory.

Just write shit down. On the notes application, on the back of a napkin, anywhere. It will make it easier for you to come back to that million-dollar idea that could of been potentially lost in the clutter of your mind.

Listen To Non-Recent Music

One of the greatest moments of euphoria listening to a song can bring is when you can fully spit back the lyrics to a track. It’s awesome that artists are constantly giving us new music, but try listening to some older tracks. It can take you back to a time in your life where all you could do is listen to those songs. Never underestimate the power of music & how it could transcend multiple stages of our lives.


Have you ever walked down a New York City block and noticed how grim & focused everyone seems to be? Other than the annoying ass tourists, no one is smiling nor does it seem that they have the time to smile.

Laughing is not only the best medicine to a shitty day but it's also contagious as hell. It’s nearly impossible not to smirk at the sound of a laughing baby. Laughing has been scientifically correlated to make drastic changes in mood and add years to your life.

Look at Einstein! He’d been known to be the occasional goofball when not solving the physical mysteries of our universe.

Just laugh at anything. Everyday. Fuck it, even at the expense of others or at the expense of yourself. Laughter is a beautiful sound that brings us all together.

Misael Cabral | Elite.