Kids In Baltimore Are Cleaning Up The Streets As People Riot (Photos)


In the wake of Freddie Gray's funeral, Baltimore has felt the brunt of residents' pain and grief. Early this morning, however, locals banded together to give back.

After a violent night, journalists and Baltimore natives alike began tweeting photos of the community effort taking place across the city.

Children gathered brooms and their parents picked up trash bags, clearing away the glass shards and trash left by angry mobs.

Chantrelle Jones, a 24-year-old Baltimore resident, told Newsweek she'd made the trip to clean up with her nephew, adding,

Tonight, Baltimore is under a mandatory 10 pm curfew in hopes of preventing more violence.

Twitter images show a town strikingly different than that of the night before.

Even the city's youngest members helped clean.

A team even tackled a looted CVS together.

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