Identical Triplets Get Married At Same Ceremony And Confuse Everyone (Photos)

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I'd imagine being a twin (or triplet) comes with many, many perks -- the most obvious being the endless opportunities to screw with people.

I'm not sure confusing people was the Bini sisters' goal when the 29-year-old triplets decided to get married on the same day, but it was the result.

The Brazilian triplets  -- named Rafaela, Rochele and Tagiane -- got hitched to their fiancés over the weekend in one massive ceremony.

The sisters, for some reason, chose to wear the same style dresses -- the only difference being slight modifications on the necklines -- as well as identical makeup and hairstyles.

Needless to say, guests were more than a little mixed up.

The only clue to the brides' identities were their bouquets, each a different color.

The grooms, Eduardo, Gabriel and Rafael (who, hilariously, married Rafaela), insisted that though the ceremony was a little confusing, they knew who their wives were.

Eduardo told the Daily Mail,

I knew which one was mine, for sure. I knew as soon as she entered the church, she was the most beautiful.

It was the girls' parents who originally came up with the idea to get married in one large ceremony, which boasted a whopping 18 bridesmaids and groomsmen.

It ended up working out perfectly: The girls, who have nearly identical styles, would have had very similar weddings anyway.

Rochele joked,

We tried a number of different styles, but we all liked the same one. It's not even worth trying, it always ends up like that.

The new brides and their husbands all hope to soon start families, although the potential for triplets isn't lost on any of them.

Eduardo, married to Rochele, says,

If we have triplets, it won't be easy, but they will be a blessing and we'll raise them with love.

The more the merrier, right?

Congratulations to all three new couples: May your lives together be as full as your wedding was.

Meet triplets Rafaela, Rochele and Tagiane Bini...

...and their husbands, Rafael, Eduardo and Gabriel.

They all had one, large, confusing wedding.

The bouquets were the only way people could tell the brides apart.

That's because they wore the same dresses, with identical hair and makeup.

We're seeing triple.

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