Hundreds Of Strangers Prevented A Cancer Patient From Being Evicted

For the second time in six months, hundreds of strangers gathered in front of Tom Crawford's home in Carlton, Nottinghamshire, UK to prevent bailiffs from evicting him.

Live feed to #savetheirhome #Tomcrawford — Morgan Weaver (@Morgan_Weaver1) January 23, 2015
Hey, anyone in the area of #Tomcrawford #UK should get out & support him today. #Anonymous #ExpectUs #Killuminati — Titus Frost (@ImperatorTruth) January 23, 2015

After a short-lived standpoint, the crowd was successful in forcing the bailiffs to leave.

Crowds are already gathering in Carlton as cancer patient Tom Crawford faces eviction from his home for a second time — Notts TV (@Notts_TV) January 23, 2015
@cin3aton @rustyrockets Proud to be a part of today.We shall not, we shall not be moved #tomcrawford #iamtom — samantha brownley (@samsam79x) January 23, 2015

Around 500 people, maybe more, came from near and far in support of Crawford.

700 stop cowardly bullying Bailiffs! #TomCrawford — Nick Green (@nickgreenphotog) January 23, 2015
#Tomcrawford images from Nottingham — Guy Taylor (@Magnacartman) January 23, 2015
Estimated 500 people here to stop the bailiffs from taking Tom Crawford's home. Get down if you can... — People's Assembly (@PeoplesNotts) January 23, 2015
community stands up against eviction of #TomCrawford blocking bailiffs from getting to his house — Anastasia Churkina (@NastiaChurkina) January 23, 2015

Crawford, who is 63 years old and currently battling prostate cancer, has been embroiled in a lengthy dispute over his mortgage.

Just watching cancer sufferer Tom Crawford who saw off the Bradford and Bingleys bailiffs with 500 supporters outside his home. Well done! — Mog on the Tyne (@Mog_on_the_Tyne) January 23, 2015
Hundreds are expected to gather & help Tom Crawford fight off eviction for a 2nd time: — Nottingham Post (@Nottingham_Post) January 21, 2015
Terrible story about tom Crawford being evicted whilst battling cancer Lenders have no heart. — amigo (@am_bonmatin) January 23, 2015

The bank claims Crawford still owes £43,000 (around $65,000). Crawford, who has lived in his home for 27 years, contends he has no payments left.

The current scene at #Tomcrawford's repossession in Nottingham — Sick Britain УВБ-76 (@SickBritain1) January 23, 2015

People began to learn of his troubles after he posted this video on YouTube:

Crawford was very touched by the amount of support he's received, as were many onlookers.

"We are ALL Tom Crawford". Peaceful gathering outside his home now, waiting for bailiffs to resist #eviction — Anastasia Churkina (@NastiaChurkina) January 23, 2015
#TomCrawford People coming together to stand up for our rights! Restores my faith in humanity and shows people power!

It's amazing and heartwarming to see so many people come together to support the livelihood of a complete stranger. This is a wonderful example of the immeasurable power of solidarity.