Hot Australian Zoologist Loves Wild Animals So Much He Bathes With Them (Photos)

An Australian zoologist with his own private zoo is claiming the hearts of animal lovers with his skills and his looks.

Chris Humfrey, star of "Chris Humfrey's Wild Life,” cares for a variety of wild and endangered creatures on his property in the Macedon Ranges near Melbourne.

With a broad smile and tousled blonde hair, Humfrey is as charming as he is passionate.

Humfrey began his company, Wild Action, in 1994.


He's always been in awe of the variety of creatures living in Australia.


Humfrey wanted to share that enthusiasm with children.

All of the animals Humfrey owns have been raised on his property, so they're comfortable around people.

Humfrey's time is spent bringing his favorite animals to schools and private events.

The 11 acres of his park are reportedly home to "thousands" of animals, including many rare breeds.

According to Wild Action's website, it's the only private zoo to be licensed by Victoria's Department of Sustainability and Environment.

If looking at that blonde hair makes your heart ache in memory of "The Crocodile Hunter," Steve Irwin, you're not alone.

Between the family-friendly animal experiences and environmental activism, Irwin and Humfrey have quite a bit in common.

Humfrey's interest in the next generation of zoologists doesn't stop at taking animals into the classroom.

Wild Action recently hosted a Junior Zoo Keeper program for children and teenagers.

The workshop invited budding animal lovers to learn about breeding programs and Wild Action's creatures.

Wild Action's Facebook page, which keeps fans up-to-date on the zoo's latest happenings, always highlights the importance of preservation and ecology.

The page quotes African environmentalist Baba Dioum, stating, "In the end we will conserve only what we love and we will love only what we understand."

If Humfrey succeeds with his tireless mission, the next generation of ecologists will understand nearly everything about Australia's ecosystem.

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