Hospital Accidentally Sends Two Dead Fetuses To Laundry Facility

Two dead fetuses were discovered mixed in with the dirty laundry at a cleaning facility for a Las Vegas hospital.

According to the Washington Post, staff members at Angelica Corporation, a laundry facility in Henderson, found remains of the 16-week-old fetuses Tuesday morning while unloading a laundry truck sent from Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center.

Fetuses this old are typically just 4.5 inches long but have eyes and ears, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

A spokesman for the hospital said the mother had miscarried at "another location" and was taken to the hospital by EMS workers.

She had wrapped the fetuses in linen and brought them with her.

How the fetuses got mixed up with the rest of the laundry remains unclear.

The hospital said in a statement,

We are currently reviewing the situation to determine what occurred. However, the remains are currently in the hospital's possession, and we are working with the family at this time.

The incident is being investigated, but police do not believe a crime has taken place.

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