Hilarious Love Letters Between Husband And Wife Show Exactly What Marriage Is Like

It's not that long-term relationships can't be sexy. It's just that sometimes a sense of humor is the sexiest quality.

This husband and wife team have clearly been together long enough to call one another out.

When "wonderful wife" decided to go to the effort of buying marshmallows and making Rice Krispy treats, she expected them to be duly appreciated.

Unfortunately, her husband left them untouched in the pan. Instead of getting miffed, the wife wrote him a love note of the most sincere kind.

Or, you know, the kind that contains the words "mother f*ckin'."

Either way, this exchange is the summation of long-term relationships. You mostly keep one another around to entertain you.

Next time, this "rice crispie loving husband" won't be so quick to bypass the dessert tray on the counter.

Hey, man. If I make dessert, you have to eat dessert.

Sorry. Redeem this coupon instead.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Reddit