Research Shows You'll Be Healthier If You Date Someone Who Works Out

Couples who work out together stay together.

It's a simple rule, and there are endless reasons as to why it's true.

But now, you can add one more to the list: science.

According to a new study, people whose significant others work out are more likely to become healthier themselves.

The study, which was conducted by Tel Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine's Dr. Silvia Koton in conjunction with colleagues from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, found wives who exercise at "socially acceptable levels" are 70 percent more likely to influence their husbands to work out at socially acceptable levels, too.

And wives are 40 percent more likely to work out if their husbands are active.

The study is based on research that began tracking middle-aged adults in 1987. The results were presented in March at the American Heart Association's EPI/Lifestyle 2015 Scientific Sessions in Baltimore.

And the findings confirm what we already know. Dating someone who is healthy is totally awesome -- and for more reasons than having a hot significant other on your arm.

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