Men Learning They're Going To Be First-Time Dads Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

The folks over at Dove are well-versed in the art of the inspirational advertisement, and their latest campaign is no different.

Released just in time for Father's Day, the personal care company's newest ad celebrates the joy of fatherhood.

The minute-long commercial for Dove Men+Care features a series of short clips, each capturing a man's touching reaction as he learns he is going to be a father.

All of the 13 clips are authentic, pulled (with permission) from real couples' own heartwarming reaction videos and pregnancy announcements.

According to marketing director Jennifer Bremner, the campaign was partially inspired by a survey that found the majority of men (82 percent) consider fatherhood an "emotionally transformative experience."

Prepare to cry all of your tears -- this one is seriously emotional.

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