Guy Surprises Parents On Their 50th Anniversary With A Trip To Hawaii (Video)

For his parents’ 50th anniversary, YouTuber NRay7882 wanted to do something really special to show them his gratitude.

He'd learned both of his parents really wanted to go to Hawaii, but they felt they’d never be able to because of the cost.

So, he planned a surprise 12-day vacation for the two of them and pre-paid for everything, including transportation, accommodations and activities. He’d even coordinated with their bosses ahead of time to ensure they’d have the time off.

Three weeks before the anniversary, he surprised his parents with the tickets and secretly filmed the reveal.

If you’re prone to tears, this video will make you cry. It’s particularly timely, as yesterday was Mother’s Day, and it’ll make you want to do something special for your parents, too.

See the special moment up top.