Guy Enlists Help From His 5-Year-Old To Propose To His Girlfriend (Video)

Andre Nordstrand’s proposal might be the sweetest we’ve ever seen.

The father-of-one wanted his engagement to his girlfriend to be special, so he planned an elaborate surprise and recruited his young son to pop the question for him.

On the day he planned to propose, the three took a hike through a beautifully scenic mountain trail and came to a stop for a picnic at the peak.

While Andre cooked pancakes for the three to snack on, his son  —  who was either holding a camera or had a camera attached to him  — approached the girlfriend, announcing he had a gift for her.

Bewildered, she opened the package to find a ring, and the young boy coyly asked, “Will you marry my dad?”.

Her reaction is so sweet  —  and the execution of the surprise is perfect.

It seems to have been filmed in Norway or somewhere in Scandanavia, so the video isn’t in English, but there are subtitles.

Check it out and prepare for your heart to melt into a puddle of pure love.