Guy Who Beat Cancer Cancels Funeral And Books Same Church For Wedding

A Welshman will be getting married at the same church that was originally supposed to hold his funeral.

Sean McCabe, 30, was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2013, Daily Mail reports.

The father of three immediately began chemotherapy and was told the cancer was gone about three months later in September.

But that November, doctors had bad news.

His Hodgkin's lymphoma was back, and the security guard from south Wales was given two months to live.

McCabe planned his own funeral at St. David's Church to spare his long-term partner, Lisa Williams, from the harrowing task.

He told Daily Mail,

Planning my funeral seemed like a way of easing the strain for them, as it would be one less ordeal for them to deal with.

He arranged for his favorite song, "Who you are," by Jessie J to be played at the January 2014 ceremony and even chose the location his ashes would be spread.

McCabe also wrote a letter for Williams to read to their kids once he had passed away.

It read, in part,

You have given me the best years of my life. Now I want you to know Daddy loves you and you will always be in my thoughts. I don't want to leave you or mammy, but I haven't got an option. Daddy has to you to heaven and you might not see me, but I will be watching over you always.

But McCabe was in for another surprise just one month before his scheduled funeral: Another bout of chemotherapy had put his cancer in remission.

McCabe and Williams will now be getting married this summer at St. David's Church.

He said,

When Lisa walks down the aisle with our children as page boy and flower girls I'll be fighting back tears, because we could have been in that church under very different circumstances.

Kian, Summer and Asia will join their father as he marries their mother, who he has been with for 12 years.

Williams told Daily Mail,

He may have planned his own funeral, but I will definitely not let him plan the wedding all on his own.

The wedding will take place on July 25.

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