Fuzzberta The Guinea Pig Is The Most Adorable Thing To Ever Exist (Photos)

It doesn't get much cuter than an animal in costume, and Fuzzberta is no exception.

The lil' guinea pig is something of a celebrity on Instagram, where she models teeny-tiny character costumes on the reg to the delight of her 20,000-plus followers.

Even better, Fuzzberta's big sis, MiniGuineaPig, along with other famous furballs ready for their 15 seconds of fame, make frequent guest appearances on her page.

It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Nurse Fuzzberta

Independent Woman Fuzzberta

Culturally Insensitive Fuzzberta

Fuzzberta Potter

Rock 'N' Roll 'Berta

Fuzzy and Friends

Cinco de Piggy

This Terrifying Creature

Hipster Fuzzberta

Fuzzy the Traveler

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