Groom's Reaction To Bride Walking Down The Aisle Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

If it were up to most brides, they would probably try to plan every aspect of their weddings.

Realistically, there are factors they really have no control over, like how their grooms react when they walk down the aisle.

However, Conner Courtney probably made his bride’s dreams come true when he broke into tears watching her make her way to him.

He told Huffington Post,

The moment I saw her was like seeing my entire life right in front of me. I'm usually good with handling my emotions, but after seeing her and her smile, it was tears of pure happiness and a radiance of love.

On top of how emotional this whole thing was already, “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele played in the background, and I honestly lost my sh*t.

I think we can all agree this bride found the perfect groom.