YOLO: Fearless Great-Grandma Goes Skydiving For Her 100th Birthday (Video)

Skydiving tops the list of things I'm way too pussy to ever do. It's pretty pathetic, actually. As a 22-year-old, I'm supposed to be fearless and adventure-seeking.


I'll just live vicariously through Georgina Harwood, who went skydiving for her 100th birthday. (Feel free to join me if you're more of a stay-on-the-ground sort of person.)

Oh, and as if the centenarian's badass plane-jumping stunt weren't enough, she's finishing off her celebration by going cage diving with sharks.

You have to hand it to her -- this is one seriously cool old lady.

Check out the South African great-granny's “exhilarating” jump in the video up top.

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