Girl Loses 80 Pounds In Only 8 Months After Friends Call Her Fat (Photos)

When Caroline Gooster overheard a "friend" making fun of her weight at a party, she didn't become angry or upset -- she became motivated.

Thanks to a lifestyle full of binge-drinking and unhealthy grub, 24-year-old Gooster weighed 226 pounds, taking in an estimated 4,000 calories each day.

Gooster admitted that before hearing her "friend's" insults, she knew she "was big but didn't realize what other people thought" of her.

But, the girl's unsolicited commentary proved motivation enough for Gooster to get in shape. She explained,

Whenever I lost motivation…I'd say to myself, 'No, I'll show her.'

To slim down, Gooster consulted a nutritionist and joined the Cambridge Weight Plan, a system similar to Weight Watchers, to keep her diet balanced and healthy.

She shed seven pounds in the first week of the program and continued to drop up to five pounds a week thereafter. In addition, she began working out and running for exercise.

After eight months of eating well and working out, she managed to shed a whopping 80 pounds. She said,

I'm fitter than ever and have found a sport I really love — running.

Losing weight is never easy, but hard work pays off: Gooster looks fantastic. See her incredible transformation below.

Last year, Caroline was 226 pounds.

At her heaviest, she was consuming up to 4,000 calories every day.

Eight months later, she's just 140 pounds.

And she looks incredible.

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